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If you think you'll need an external drive mostly for Blu-Ray discs, most of them will also play DVDs and CDs but are not readable/writable.
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This non-slip pad prevents your drive from falling off your table or desk.

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Botee has come up with a unique feature: voltage stabilization system. This system avoids high or low voltage lead. Thus, it can protect your computer from any damage.

Bootee offers you free lifetime product warranty, day product replacement or refund. Universal compatibility of this drive enables it to work with multiple operating systems aside from macOS. This means you can smoothly transfer your data from Windows computer to Mac or vice versa. For faster data transmission speed, use this product and achieve a maximum speed of up to 5GBPS.

Along with speed, you get stable performance and strong fault tolerance. Ivkey has unparalleled intelligent burning technology and brand new chip to correct the errors.

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You can also install software and create backup discs etc. VicTsing offers robust anti-shock and noise-reduction technology. The drive consumes low power, and it can be powered by the USB port; you are not supposed to use any external adapter. Note that you can buy any CD or DVD with maximum data storage capacity and then transfer your data from one computer to another.

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Last Updated: March 15, pm. Sponsored Links. There's no need for special software or external buttons that might get broken. It's solid, simple, and it looks great with your Mac products. You can tuck it away anywhere that makes the most sense for you. Preprogrammed for both Mac and Windows, you shouldn't need to do any formatting to get the drive to work.

LG External DVD Burner - Mac & PC Compatible

Plus, this drive has both USB 3. However, in exchange, you get something that's about as light as a CD in its case. Here's another inexpensive choice, this time from Verbatim. It's a suitable choice if you need to back up sensitive data, as well as music and video libraries. Whether you want to digitize your DVD collection or just view a disc on your computer, an optical drive is cheap and sometimes necessary. It gets the job done for a surprisingly low price.

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Q: Does this work with a Mac Pro from mojave?

Q: Does this work with mac os mojave I see no reason why it wouldn't be able to do anything any other external drive can do. BTW it's great. Plug and play. Q: Can i use this to burn a song from youtube to a cd using my mac sierra A: yes,you can! See more.

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What customers said: 5 out of 5 stars Five Stars Perfect device for my Mac. Had to restart it only once with no All I had to do Q: Will this work on a mini mac? A: Hello Wynne A. Stevens,Yes,it can work well with the mini mac.

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Q: does it work with Mac Book air ? Q: Does it work with an imac?

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A: Hello Susan Hanssen,yes it can! Q: Does anyone have a non- mac laptop with windows 10 using this? Will it work well without installing anything else? A: Dear David M.