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Here's a complete guide to pairing Bluetooth devices with your Mac, plus what to do if your Mac to your iPhone in order to share an internet connection. you want to connect to in this list (as long as the device is turned on).
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Click on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and select the option to Turn Bluetooth Off. Shut the system down completely and reboot it as usual. Here are five of the best tips to help you overcome annoying Bluetooth issues.

How to get your Mac Bluetooth working?

Apple is aware that Bluetooth connectivity is an issue for Mac users and has a dedicated support page for Mac mouse problems, as well as possible fixes for unresponsive keyboards and trackpads. One quick fix to kick the Bluetooth back into life is to disconnect all USB devices.

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Remove any and all USB keyboards, mice, and external drives and reboot your Mac. Wait for a couple of minutes and then reconnect them. Resetting the System Management Controller SMC is the go-to troubleshooting tip for any issues related to Mac hardware or software, and it usually works.

Deleting the. The Preferences folder might contain other files with the same extension. Have you downloaded any new applications or software programs recently?

SOLVED - How To Fix a Bluetooth Not Available on a Mac

One of them could be corrupting your Bluetooth. The easiest way to do this is with CleanMyMac X. It requires nothing more than a few clicks and completely removes every file linked to a download. Doing this will attempt to debug any issues. How To. Blog How To News. Hit Return or Enter to search. Select the com. This will create a copy of the existing file on your desktop; we're doing this to ensure that we have a backup of the file we're about to delete.

You'll be asked for an administrator password to move the file to the trash. Enter the password and click OK. Once your Mac restarts , a new Bluetooth preference file will be created.

Quick and Easy Bluetooth Sharing Between PC and Mac - Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat

Because it's a new preference file, you'll need to pair your Bluetooth peripherals with your Mac again. In all likelihood, the Bluetooth assistant will start up on its own and walk you through the process. But if it doesn't, you can start the process manually by doing the following:. Launch System Preferences by either selecting System Preferences from the Apple menu, or by clicking on its Dock icon. Your Bluetooth devices should be listed, with a Pair button next to each unpaired device.

Click the Pair button to associate a device with your Mac. Use your Mac for a couple of days or more. Once you're sure that your Bluetooth problem has been resolved, you can delete the backup copy of com. Should the problems continue, you can restore the backup copy of com. This last suggestion is a last-ditch effort to get the Bluetooth system working again. The reason for the hesitation is because it will cause your Mac to forget about all of the Bluetooth devices you have ever used, forcing you to reconfigure each and every one. First, you need to enable the Bluetooth menu item.

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Share Pin Email. What Does Wireless Really Mean? Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Launch System Preferences, and select the Bluetooth preference pane. Click the Turn Bluetooth Off button. Go ahead and see if your Bluetooth device is now recognized and working.

Bluetooth devices that never seem to be able to pair with your Mac. Bluetooth peripherals that were paired successfully, but have stopped working they may still show up in your list of paired devices.

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Close any applications you have open. Restart your Mac.

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Make sure your Bluetooth peripheral has fresh batteries installed, and the device is turned on. Select the Bluetooth preference pane. Repeat the pairing process for each Bluetooth device that needs to be associated with your Mac.