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The zero digit is signaled by ten blinks. After having done this for all digits of all numbers of the IP, the end is signaled by LED staying off a while like it started with. When Sequenze is done, the LED is constantly turned on again. When Meteohub does not have a valid IP this will be signaled with three blinks shortly following each other. Meteoplug client image is an openwrt with some application extensions. Adaptions on top of openwrt are done inside directory "files", located inside "trunk" directory.

Meteoplug components being intellectual property of smartbedded. Toggling modes and finding out IP work as described for TL-MR, the only difference is that the button is behind the pin hole at the back. To achieve this, Meteoplug client on WLN3G can be started in different modes of operation regarding network usage, exactly as described for TP-Link routers described above.


When used with Meteoplug Bifferboard's internal flash storage has to be flashed with a Meteoplug client image. This Meteoplug client image takes care that Bifferboard connects to Meteoplug server during boot and loads the most recent Client applications into the Bifferboard. That means, you don't have to update your Bifferboard client software to get advantage of new features, but Bifferboard will just need a reboot to get the most recent Meteoplug client application.

Unfortunately, the inventors have stopped selling Bifferboards. Details are lined out here. If you are going for large quantaties direct order from the manufacturer might be an option, as explained on the web page the above link points to. In addition to that Meteoplug client relies on the capability to connect to the Meteolug server in the internet. Normally you don't have to make a setup for this in your firewall, as this is just outgoing http traffic on standard port You just have to make sure that your router is not blocking http internet access on port 80 for the Meteoplug client.

As you can see, Bifferboard is really tiny, even when compared to the small NSLU2 or when holding it in your hand. When using a USB hub, more than one weather station can be connected. Power is attached by a small external power adapter that can handle volts. Bifferboard has a tiny hole in the cover to allow for reset with a paperclip. The unit gets hand warm during operation and is completely noiseless.

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All variants are working well with Meteoplug. Meteoplug client is loaded into RAM disk which eliminates risk of wearing out flash cells. As there are no write operations on flash storage there is no risk of flash storage going bad over time. Bifferboard automatically reboots after power failure. It has a watchdog running that reboots when system appears to be stalled. All in all Bifferboard brings all the features needed to provide a reliable data logging client.

This is very usefull, if you plan to connect two weather stations to Meteoplug client.

Technoline WS 2800-IT - Solar - Wettercenter - Wetterstation

This product also seems to be close to EOL, but it is still available in the UK here flashing of Meteoplug client SW has to be done by the user himself. When you look straight into the not connected USB port of a standard Bifferboard you can see the red light of this LED a bit will not work in bright sun light. Numbers are signaled by blinking red LED. Each of the four blocks of numbers is signaled with a slightly dimmed red blinking.

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  • Each digit inside a number block is represented by a corresponding number of blinks "0" is ten blinks , Separation of digits is done by a short additional pause. Dot between number blocks is represented by a full-powered, undimmed red blink. This indicates, that Meteoplug client has booted correctly and is operational. You can also use your X86 Linux system to act as a Meteoplug client. Log in.

    Language English Deutsch. From Meteoplug Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. What links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link. This page was last modified on 25 February , at This page has been accessed , times. Additional "Soil" and "Leaf" sensors as well as pure temperature sensors are also supported. Data internally logged in Vantage is checked by Meteoplug when Meteoplug starts operation.

    If there is historical data not available to Meteoplug so far, this logged data will be transferrred to Meteoplug before logging of live data starts. RS Vantage must have set baud rate to Vantage Vue including all available sensors is fully supported. Data internally logged in Vantage is handled by Meteoplug as explained for Vantage Pro.

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    New Envoy8x receiving unit from Davis is supported. Historical data stored in the receiving unit are not considered at the moment. Initial configuration of Envoy8x regarding connected weather stations has to be done upfront with the PC programs provided by Davis. Meteoplug client is not capable to do this. Serial protocol of this weather station is well understood and widely documented. As a result Meteoplug does support all of it's features. Disadvantage of the station not to have a data logger included is compensated by Meteoplug.

    Station is limited in terms of sensor variety.


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    This model has a USB connector that can directly connected to the Meteoplug client. WMR has problems in reporting actual sensor readings, when data logger is completely filled. It is recommended to set the data logging interval to the maximum longest duration. This takes care that the data logger will not reach its capacity for months.

    However, you should take care to empty the data logger's buffer from time to time manually at the WMR base station. Sensors for wind, rain, UV, pressure are not supported. Note: The links below will work in most pdf viewers to skip to the topic area. We recommend Adobe. Outdoor temperature shows OFL outside factory limits. Wind cups or directional vane are broken. Wind direction works but speed is 0. Wind reading is dashes or intermittent. Wind sensor shows OFL outside factory limits. What are the 5 time interval boxes shown? Set rain alarms manually on the display.

    Table of Contents. Wi-fi professsional weather station with accuweather forecast 32 pages. View 1-Hour, hour, etc. Page 3 Watch the lower left corner of the display on start up and record the firmware version of this display 3 digit number. If you contact support, we may ask for the firmware number.

    Thermohygro Sensor

    Page 4 South for best light. TIP: Most meteorological recording stations have sensors mounted 33 ft or higher above ground. Please be patient — these stations can reconnect after many hours out.

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    Certain temporary conditions can cause it to go out for a time e. Page 7 A 50—foot clearance in all directions is best. Occasionally they can drop a bit. Page 8 In the house look to see if the Display is near a cordless phone or wireless router etc. Wind speed can be different in just a few feet. Page 10 This is not a midnight to midnight or 7 to 7 system. This is not a midnight to midnight or 7 to 7 system. Please read the release notes to ensure you have the correct version for your weather station. Press and release the SET button.