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We have released a new software that is compatible with both the Inspiration Creative Cutter The new software is called InVue and will run on Mac OSX +.
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Posted by Lettering Delights On It is meant to be used primarily with our Cut Set files. It is powerful software that makes using the Pazzles machine very easy. Some of it's top features are:the ability to type custom titles in any fontthe ability to trace around any picture or clipart fileimports SVGsRead more about Pazzles machine and software here Hi Andy Just found this forum.

Am very interested in purchasing Make the Cut for my Pazzles.

Inspiration Tutorial - Part 6

I have downloaded the demo, and like it a lot. It recognizes the Pazzles, which is better than the Pazzles program, which wants me to connect it and register - which needless to say I have done! I have tried everything. I am using an iMac with Windows Parrallels. Tried downloading through Mac and through Windows and no joy. Please help!

Pazzles Inspiration Review: A Disappointing Die Cutter | VCM

Can you email me the drivers? Thank you so much. Reba1 Member Posts: 3, February They just had baby 3 last week, so it may be a bit before he can reply. Rebecca - "Zen D Zing" user N. MeFlick Member Posts: 9, February edited February Post edited by MeFlick on February Go Vols!

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When we received our first machine, we had some issues with it not cutting properly. Pazzles shipped us a new machine and they also paid for return shipping on the original. The new machine made a successful cut on its first attempt and has made many beautiful cuts since. Occasionally we'll get some tearing, but adjusting the pressure usually resolves the problem.

Like any cutting machine, it's necessary to get a feel for the settings depending on what you are cutting and it is important to remember that machine performance is going to change depending on how old or new your blade is. The Pazzles Inspiration comes bundled with the Inspiration Studio software which you can upgrade to a Pro version that supports SVG import we have not tested this software.

Pazzles CC05R Inspiration Vue Red

As an alternative to the Pro version, Sure Cuts A Lot 3 or later is compatible with the Pazzles Inspiration and is our preferred and recommended cutting software. Reading various online reviews, we've come to the conclusion that the majority of bad reviews are a direct reflection of the software that the machine is bundled with Inspiration Studio software and has very little to do with the actual machine itself.

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When posting the customer reviews below, we made sure to NOT include any reviews that included criticism of the Inspiration Studio since we ourselves don't use it. Much like the Cricut and Sizzix eclips, the Pazzles Inspiration is very user friendly.

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The machine automatically sets the origin so that you get consistent performance using Sure Cuts A Lot or the Inspiration Studio software. Overall, the Pazzles Inspiration is a great machine that is capable of cutting a variety of materials. To date, we have only tested 80 lb cardstock, vinyl,. I am very happy with this product.